The intervening period between the decision of the High Court convicting Azilah and Sirul, and the eventual appeal against their convictions (heard in 2013), saw interesting developments take place, in more ways than one. Bala’s revelations In November 2009, Bala came out of hiding and informed the world of the manner in which he wasContinue reading “DELEGATUS NON POTEST DELEGARE PART 7 – DEEPAK STRIKES BACK”

Delegatus non potest delegare 6: The Bala saga begins

While the Altantuya murder trial was proceeding in the High Court in Shah Alam, the disgruntled first prosecution witness, P Balasubramaniam, was becoming less than enchanted with the way the trial was being conducted. This, of course, explains the purpose of the statutory declaration (SD1), which Bala, a private investigator, released to the press onContinue reading “Delegatus non potest delegare 6: The Bala saga begins”

Delegatus non potest delegare 5: The trial

It is not intended to burden the reader with the bland and monotonous details of the trial and the testimony of formal witnesses called for the prosecution. The Malaysian public was left in no doubt as to who had “done it” even before the trial started. They were more interested in why those who hadContinue reading “Delegatus non potest delegare 5: The trial”

Delegatus non potest delegare 4: Pre-trial positioning

The long-anticipated trial of the century was eventually scheduled to begin on June 4, 2006, but sputtered to an immediate halt because the prosecution team was changed at the very last moment. The defence teams suffered the same predicament, but over a period of time, pre-trial. There appeared to be much confusion among the counselContinue reading “Delegatus non potest delegare 4: Pre-trial positioning”

Delegatus non potest delegare 3: The investigations

t is surprising that Azilah Hadri has as yet to produce a complete retraction of the contents of his statutory declaration despite more than 24 hours having elapsed since he released it. This may be due to the fact that he has no access to outsiders and vice-versa.  He is safe for the time being, but hisContinue reading “Delegatus non potest delegare 3: The investigations”

Delegatus non potest delegare 2: The statutory declarations

There are three relevant statutory declarations which have been affirmed to date. Two are by private investigator P Balasubramaniam and the latest by Azilah Hadri. It is almost impossible for two persons to come up with the same identical facts in two separate statutory declarations. There could have been no collaboration between these two gentlemen forContinue reading “Delegatus non potest delegare 2: The statutory declarations”

Delegatus non potest delegare 1: Altantuya the charges

COMMENT : For the uninitiated, the Latin words used in the title to these articles address hindsight, in that one ought not attend to matters as serious as this with the help of anyone else. “Delegatus Non Potest Delegare”. Put simply, if you have the power to do something yourself, don’t ever get someone elseContinue reading “Delegatus non potest delegare 1: Altantuya the charges”