Persons of Interest who could now assist the Police in their Investigations into Determining the Truth

Since the original murder trial (which started in 2017), and the witnesses called to give evidence, the identities of a number of other individuals who could help the police get to the bottom of the matter, have now emerged. Most of these additional potential purveyors of truth were never called to provide their testimony on oath in that trial simply because they were not involved in the actual murder or their identities were not known at that stage.

They are still available. No aspersions are cast on their involvement but there is certainly a possibility that what they know may support what Azilah and Sirul are now claiming or it may not.

Musa Safri

It must be remembered that the person who was allegedly up to his neck in this entire sordid affair and who never saw the inside of the trial court is Musa Safri. What does this gentleman now have to say in response to Azilah’s statutory declaration? He hasn’t appeared in a mosque seeking divine retribution against Azilah for making a false statement as yet, so are we safe in assuming Azilah was speaking the truth by Musa’s deafening silence?

Oh, by the way, he is a Dato now, of course.

Musa Safri

Nasir Safar

This man was the driver of the blue Proton monitoring the abduction of Altantuya outside Razak Baginda’s house in the evening of the 19 October 2006. This gentleman was Najib’s special officer of 20 years at that time. Why was he there? Who asked him to observe the situation? Why were Najib’s ‘men’ all involved in this?

Nasir Safar

Even the doyen of UMNO’s online propaganda machinery, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, saw fit to question this anomaly in an article he wrote in February 2010, published by Malaysia Today. This is an interesting read. It shows how your past sometimes catches up with you in the most bizarre of ways.

Nasir Safar, The ‘Mystery Man’ The Day Altantuya Died

Deepak Jaikishan

This is the person who was most intimately (and unfortunately for him), connected to the first couple in those early days. Deepak is surely able to assist the investigating authorities by revealing snippets of conversations he was privy to behind closed doors, both before and after the murder.

Deepak Jaikishan

He has consistently asked for immunity before he spills the beans but to no avail. Perhaps it is time to consider his request very seriously. You never know what may flow from this.

Deepak has however, made it very clear there is no love lost between him and the first couple.  What would this gentleman be able to tell the police? He has made it known publicly and privately that he has a thorough understanding of matters connected to the fatal shooting and who was involved.

Deepak was also given instructions by the first couple to execute and carry out the very important mission of getting Bala and his family out of the country, which he performed admirably, but on hindsight, much to his regret.

Gani Patail and Musa Hassan

Gani Patail

Who gave instructions to change the entire prosecution team at the very last moment and for what reason?

Perhaps the Attorney General at that time (Gani Patail), would be able to throw some light on this, along with Musa Hassan, the Inspector General of police? Both would have had intimate knowledge of the police investigations which had taken place, and of course, what may have been removed and discarded from the investigation papers.

Was there an attempt to cover up the involvement of persons in high places or wasn’t there? Let us hear what they have to say. Perhaps there wasn’t.

If they were convinced Azilah and Sirul chose to shoot this particular poor lady (of all the poor ladies in the world), for fun and nothing else, they must either have had their heads in the sand or just been plain stupid or both.

Musa Hassan

Tun Majid Tun Hamzah

Why on earth was Razak Baginda’s ‘exculpatory’ affidavit tendered as evidence by the prosecution themselves? Maybe the lead prosecutor at that time, Tun Majid Tun Hamzah could explain these extraordinary circumstances?

Perhaps it was merely an error of judgment or a tactical manoeuvre which went horribly wrong for the prosecution. Or maybe there is some other good reason lesser mortals are unable to decipher?

Whatever the excuse, why was no appeal filed against Razak Baginda’s acquittal?

Tun Majid Tun Hamzah

Zulkifli Nordin

A Member of Parliament at one stage, and a lawyer by profession.

Zulkifli was the original counsel appointed to represent Azilah at the trial.

Why did Zul throw a fit and pull out of the case with remarks of interference by third parties in the defence he had proposed? Who interfered? What was Zulkifli’s proposed defence?

Zulkifli Nordin

Kamarul Hisham and Hazman Ahmad.

Lead counsel for Sirul and Azilah respectively.

Perhaps these gentlemen would care to explain who funded their fees and expenses on behalf of Azilah and Sirul? After all, this was a very very long trial and involved appeals to two superior courts.

If they claim the information regarding payment of fees is protected by solicitor/client confidentiality, then their actual clients would first have to be ascertained with a certain amount of precision before attracting that privilege.

If the money didn’t come from Azilah and Sirul, who donated the funds and why? Were these funders your actual clients?

An explanation is most certainly required.

Haznman Ahmad
Kamarul Hisham


But he’s dead.

Not to worry. Bala affirmed notarised documents before he died. The originals are intact and can be tendered in court under the Evidence Act. They are in safe-keeping and can be produced if necessary.


Rosmah Mansor

For good measure, someone needs to corroborate Najib’s denials. Perhaps his closest ally, Rosmah, could do this. After all, she wears the pants in that household, and at other places too. She could quite easily put to rest, once and for all, these irritating suggestions that she too was involved, especially in light of the allegations Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) made in his statutory declaration dated 18 June 2008.

To be fair, RPK clarified the reasons why he affirmed this SD in an interview broadcast by TV3 in April 2011.

This interview must have been prompted by the meeting RPK had with some TV3 top guns at the Intercontinental Hotel in Perth earlier that year. What was discussed at this meeting must have had an impact on RPK’s state of mind because he flipped over to the dark side immediately after that.

As expected, RPK lay the blame on the then ‘opposition’ (and of course Anwar Ibrahim, for good measure), for putting him up to swearing a false statutory declaration, (yes, another one).

In the process of this interview, RPK, of course, absolved Rosmah from any wrongdoing or involvement in Altantuya’s murder, as he had implied in his 2008 statutory declaration.

That was the plan. Very convenient. RPK lived happily ever after.

RPK: I don’t believe Najib, Rosmah involved in Altantuya murder

Taking into consideration the contents of the statutory declaration RPK had affirmed originally, and considering his back-tracking 3 years later (after he had met with Datuk Ashraf of TV3 in Perth), it nevertheless still remains a mystery why Rosmah chose to dress in black the night Altantuya went missing. It may well have been a coincidental bad wardrobe day, but black is hardly appropriate attire to wear to an orphan’s Hari Raya breaking fast function.

The Guards at Langgak Duta

The personal residence of the ex-Prime Minister is situated in a leafy upper-end suburb of Kuala Lumpur adjoining the prestigious Kenny Hills. There are police guards at the entrance 24 hours a day. They keep records of everyone who enters and exits this residence.

Late in the evening of the 19 October 2006 (10.01 p.m. to be precise), just before Altantuya was shot and blown up, 2 Military Officers entered this residence. They stayed until 6.05 a.m. the next morning. Who were they and what were they doing there?

Guard House log

Rosmah’s Driver, Fauzi

According to Fauzi’s log, at 6.45 p.m. on the 19 October 2006, he drove Rosmah from the Deputy Prime Minister’s official residence (Sri Satria) in Putrajaya, in a vehicle No. WCQ 11 (a Proton Perdana V6), to her personal residence in Langgak Duta.

He then drove her to Taman Tun Dr Ismail and thereafter to the Tabung Haji building (where the orphans were treated to a breaking fast dinner), before heading back to Putrajaya, arriving at 11.20 p.m. that same evening.

They travelled a total of 205 kms. The trip ended with the odometer reading at 86197 kms.

Drivers log 19.10.2006

The next morning at 6.32 a.m. Fauzi drove Rosmah back to Langgak Duta.

They began their trip with the odometer reading at 86315 kms.

This means from the previous evening, when Fauzi returned to Sri Satria at 11.20 p.m. until 6.32 a.m. the next morning, this car WCQ11 had travelled an additional 118 kms.

Where had it been that night?

Driver’s log 20.10.2006

Is it just a coincidence that google maps tells us the return journey from Sri Satria to Puncak Alam is 126 km?

Fauzi would also be able to tell us if Rosmah’s ADC, Lt. Col. Norhayati Hassan was in the habit of accompanying her on these outings. Is this what the word ‘escot’ means as is written in the guard logs?

Fauzi will also be able to tell us if he had driven WCQ 11 anywhere else after returning to Sri Satria in the evening of the 19.10.2006.

Further clarification is required in respect of the entry in the Sri Satria guard house log that Rosmah left at 10.05. a.m. on the 20 October 2006 and not at 6.32. a.m. as claimed by Fauzi, the driver, in his own log.

Maybe Rosmah just needed a lie in. Maybe Fauzi was all revved up and ready to go at 6.32 a.m. as planned, but his passenger was unfortunately, still in bed.

Sri Satria log

These are all loose ends that need to be tied up, bearing in mind the contents of RPK’s June 2008 statutory declaration.

Well, he must have got that information from somewhere and considered it reliable enough to have it recorded in a document affirmed on oath.

Khairy Jamaluddin

Khairy Jamaluddin

RPK says you have a lot of information given to you by your father-in-law (the then Prime Minster), for safe-keeping. This information is in the form of a report prepared by Military Intelligence.

This is what RPK said:

I have been further informed that Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has received a written report from the Military Intelligence confirming what I have revealed above and that the report was subsequently handed over to his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin for safe-keeping

Do you still have this report? If so, could you please hand it over to the police as they may be rather interested in reading it. Remember, you are under a civic duty to assist the police in their investigations, especially if you have information you believe may help them.

So please try and do the right thing, even though you are still a member of UMNO.


  1. Honorific titles have purposely been left out of this series of articles as they serve no purpose except to play havoc with the word count.
  2. The list of persons of interest above is by no means exhaustive. There are others who can assist the police in their ‘fresh’ investigations into this murder. Their roles will be discussed at length in coming articles.
  3. Everything written so far in the Delegatus series is based on fact or derived from documentation available from online media reports or from records accessible to the public.
  4. The writer has expressed varying views and opinions on the matters raised but these views remain the writer’s and the writers only. They are based substantially if not wholly on the available facts, reports and documentation available.
  5. The writer has however, been privy to information shared with him by persons involved at various stages in this ongoing saga, including those now deceased.
  6. Where aspersions have been cast in relation to the behaviour of some personalities, this is because that behaviour is, has been, or continues to be, reprehensible.


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