Americk Sidhu

AMERICK SIDHU is a Senior Barrister practising in Malaysia who believes the concepts of law and justice are not entirely synonymous and that prevarication, hypocrisy and political correctness are anathema to the human mind and spirit. These are his thoughts and analyses of current issues, prepared as alternatives to face value, of backgrounds not revealed, balancing centripetal forces with the centrifugal forces of spin and offering instead, down to earth no-nonsense views based on reality.

The views expressed here are those of the author

“Anthem” Leonard Cohen

The birds they sangAt the break of dayStart againI heard them sayDon’t dwell on whatHas passed awayOr what is yet to beYeah the wars they willBe fought againThe holy doveShe will be caught againBought and soldAnd bought againThe dove is never freeRing the bells (ring the bells) that still can ringForget your perfect offeringThere is…

Delegatus Series

The Delegatus series will continue when the outcome of the current political turmoil is known. In the meantime look out for our next series ‘The Civil Action’ Americk Sidhu

My friend Tommy Thomas

Published in Malaysiakini 29 February 2020 COMMENT | It has come as no surprise to me that Tommy Thomas resigned as the attorney-general yesterday. This, I am sure, was in anticipation of a change in regime he could not possibly work with for reasons too obvious to mention. Tommy was the first practising barrister…


Persons of Interest who could now assist the Police in their Investigations into Determining the Truth Since the original murder trial (which started in 2017), and the witnesses called to give evidence, the identities of a number of other individuals who could help the police get to the bottom of the matter, have now emerged.…


On the 23 December 2019, just after Azilah released his explosive statutory declaration (SD3), the Inspector General of Police (IGP) said that investigations into Altantuya’s murder would be re-opened and ‘investigators have identified several individuals who will be called in to have their statements recorded’.IGP: Police to interview several witnesses following ex-commando’s shocking SD on…

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